Series: The Personal

A Series Dedicated to Personal Stories of Health

Treating Myself

What role does empathy play in treatment? What actions allow us to take care of ourselves more effectively?

Have a Personal Story to Share?

Health is what’s going on when we aren’t focusing on it. When we’re healthy, we often aren’t thinking about what makes us so. It’s when that health declines that we turn to medicine–even then, that focus is so we can get back to not thinking about health.


This is why Vital is dedicating this section of our site to personal stories about health often found in the routine of daily life.

We want to know:

  • How do you envision health?
  • What personal, social, and cultural issues prevent you from feeling your best?
  • What steps have you taken, as a community or as an individual, to make yourself feel better?
  • What ideas, struggles, failures, and successes would you like to share?