wemeethereMedical Authority

What undermines the authority of doctors? What makes doctors think they have the authority to advise patients, rightly or wrongly? In this series, we take on topics such as vaccination, changing medical guidelines, and the rise of the Internet and self-diagnosis.

Gender and Health

Gender certainly influences the way we see and understand the body. It also influences how we provide care. In this series, we examine a variety of topics related to gender and healthcare, including nursing, gender, and the sexualization of the profession.


The Personal

As scientists and scholars, we often focus on being objective. We spend less time concerned with the personal and that which cannot be replicated. This series boldly highlights personal stories of health and disease, experiences that define how we live in our bodies and in our world.


Food for Thought

This series is for the professional scroller. If you have a limited amount of time to read info on the Internet per day, consider bookmarking this page of less than 500-word stories that make you think.


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