Faith in Medicine

It’s a snappy t-shirt slogan, but whether or not Science condescends to care what one believes, there’s no denying that beliefs matter. Our doctrines and dogmas, our myths, shibboleths, urban legends, and creepy pastas all inform the decisions we make about our planet, our neighbors, and our own bodies.

In our new series, Faith in Medicine, we will explore the state of hostilities between those supposed rivals, belief and science, especially as it pertains to health and healthcare. If faith is, according to one biblical definition, “the evidence of things unseen” (Hebrews 11:1), then a certain amount of it is required of non-specialists for reliance even on the authority of modern medical research. For some today, that act of informed trust is a leap too far, and the new priestly caste of doctors and specialists inspires more skepticism than reverence. In our series, we’ll hear from a range of voices on the nature of faith—religious and otherwise—and on the ways in which what and who we believe influence our health.

For submissions, please email Vital accepts entries by writers, scholars, practictioners, and researchers of 750-1000 words. All writing should be designed for a non-specialist audience.


Dr. Promise Keeprs and Vulnerable Me

Overcoming Vaccine Anxiety

Series Editor: Ben Utter, Ph.D.

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